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The "cheap cheap"

car insurance

you actually want!

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Save money
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Save money

    I'm not a miracle worker, but If your license is suspended, got tickets, bad credit, are a new driver, even an International license, whatever's jacking your rates up...just hit us up and get a free no obligation quote and we'll make you a member of the El Cheapo Family!   

     All jokes aside, I've been in the insurance business since 2008.  We've sold thousands of auto insurance policies and helped lots of people save money on car insurance.  Let's face it, with the way the economy is...who can't use a little extra cha-ching to buy the things they want and not have to give up the things they need.  With El Cheapo you can have your cake and eat it too!  There's a bunch of clickable links on this page that'll get you a great quote on state minimum liability insurance coverage, and it only takes a few minutes.  You have nothing to lose, you don't even need a social, and it won't hit your credit either.

     Just fill in your basic information, you'll get that quote and then send me a message from the last screen and I'll get back to you real soon to get you covered.  We'll send proof of coverage right to your cell.  


                                                You can just call now                                                         (Come on...It's a free call.)   


     My Philosophy
El Cheapo's philosophy

The K.I.S.S thing, you know, keepin' it simple.  

I only sell state minimum, cheap liability car insurance for people that want to keep money in their pockets!

El Cheapo's Ethics
My Ethics

I just can’t bring myself to selling you car insurance options you don’t want or need.  Life is simple, I offer cheap car insurance and let you decide if it's right for you.  No pressure, you do what you want with your Cheddar.

Joy to my heart
El Cheapo's baby picture

 Me at a year old.

In my spare time

I like saving money and love when other people save too!  It almost feels like Christmas!  That's one of the reasons I do what I do.

I like doing a bunch of things like saving money, doing nothing, basket weaving, howling at the moon, mooing at the sun, playing sickly, sitting around, bull fighting, eating, crowd watching, jousting, and of course watching cat videos on You Tube.

Cheap Charlie, House Husband

"Now that I found El life is complete!"
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